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Filling the Silent Void: Genetic Therapies for Hearing Impairment. Emerging stem cell therapies: treatment, safety, and biology. Our research is in the novel area of Developmental Genomics and Regenerative Medicine with a focus on the molecular mechanisms controlling vertebral column development and an emphasis on early embryogenesis and embryonic stem cell commitment to specific differentiation pathways, but from a novel Systems Biology point of view. In particular we are working on understanding the gene regulatory networks (GRNs) that govern normal embryonic development of the vertebral column and intervertebral disc (IVD).

Bovine annulus fibrosus cell lines isolated from intervertebral discs. Genome wide binding (Ch IP-Seq) of murine Bapx1 and Sox9 proteins in vivo and in vitro. International Journal of Biological Sciences, 11(4): 434-447. Tetratricopeptide Repeat Domain 9A Negatively Regulates Estrogen Receptor Alpha Activity. Genesis: J of Genetics and Development, 51(6): 420-429.

Pax1(EGFP) : New wildtype and mutant EGFP mouse lines for molecular and fate mapping studies. Gene expression profiles of expressing FACS sorted cells from wildtype and null mouse embryos. Klf2 Is an Essential Factor that Sustains Ground State Pluripotency. Most often, LBP is due to degenerative changes in the disc, spinal disc herniation, trauma and fractures. Surgeons have an arsenal of procedures for repairing the damaged disc. Our current focus is on the Pax, Sox, Bapx and Runx GRNs in the commitment of cells to the chondro/osteoblast lineages which builds the fetal skeleton.