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If you really want to get off the beaten path, head all the way up to Cape Tribulation, and enjoy some real peace and quiet (just watch out for jellyfish when you go swimming.There are few folks to help if something goes wrong).Sydney is a bustling big city that still has a laid back, beach vibe to it.

The country is filled with incredible natural beauty from Uluru to the Outback, rainforests to pristine white sand beaches, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef.

Sydney’s Harbor Bridge and Opera House are iconic man-made wonders, and Melbourne’s café culture will make you feel like you are in Europe.

Make sure to visit the Aboriginal center to learn about the local population. Even if you don’t dive, you can still take a boat to the reef and go snorkeling.

Try to one that has a permit to visit sites further from the shore to avoid the onslaught of other boats and divers that inundate dive sites closer to shore. Melbourne is much more relaxed than Sydney (and, personally, I like it more).

There a lot of tour companies in the area but I like Uncle Brian’s tours the best (though he goes more into Atherton Tablelands and not up super far north).

Perth is Australia’s west coast capital and is often overlooked by most travelers.The world’s largest sand island is a popular place to do some camping, swim, hike, and avoid dingoes.It’s also extremely popular with the locals because of its rustic beauty is easily accessible from the mainland. You can hire your own 4WD car or take an overnight tour through the island that’s famous for its fresh water lake (and dingoes).No trip to Australia is complete without a trip to the outback to see crocodiles, valleys, lakes, and the red desert.Find your own Crocodile Dundee as you explore the Red Center and Western Australia.With so much to see, the city deserves a very long stay.