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Then tell her the community is hostile toward women and therefore doesn't have enough of them, all while showing her off like a prize poodle so you can feel good about recruiting a female. Young women don't magically become technologists at 22. Hackers are born in childhood, because that's when the addiction to solving the puzzle or building something kicks in to those who've experienced that "victory!

" moment like I had when I imposed my will on a couple electronic primates.

And sure enough, here we have Susan Sons aka @Hedge Mage. Since men were once boys, but women sprang from the head of Zeus full-grown and fighting like modern-day Athenas, you can start flaming me now for using that nasty word...unless you'd like to see the industry through the eyes of a girl who grew up to be a woman in the midst of a loose collection of open-source communities.

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If anything, some folks assume that it's a "girl thing".Still, I don't see the area producing a bunch of female hackers.Unfortunately, our society has set girls up to be anything but technologists. Last year, his school offered a robotics class for girls only.When my son asked why he couldn't join, it was explained to him that girls need special help to become interested in technology, and that if there are boys around, the girls will be too scared to try. You see, he grew up with a mom who coded while she breastfed and brought him to his first LUG meeting at age seven weeks.I was doubly floored when I found out that coder0 was none other than Eric S.

Raymond, whose writings I'd devoured shortly after discovering Linux.

The first time he saw a home-built robot, it was shown to him by a local hackerspace member, a woman who happens to administer one of the country's biggest supercomputers. Thanks so much, modern-day "feminism", for putting very unfeminist ideas in my son's head.

There's another place in my life, besides my home, where the idea of technology being a "guy thing" is totally absent: my hometown.

Shockingly, this doesn't turn the young women into hackers. Start with a young woman who's already formed her identity.

Dump her in a situation that operates on different social scripts than she's accustomed to, full of people talking about a subject she doesn't yet understand.

The girls didn't do projects—they talked about fashion or seeking popularity—not building things. These guys treat me like one of them, rather than "the woman in the group", and many are old enough to remember when they worked on teams that were about one third women, and no one thought that strange.