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I don`t even drink." I was in a bottle within three years.

BONADUCE: I went to rehab in 1989, I believe, to get off cocaine, and it was successful. And they said, "But you can`t drink." And I said, "I don`t drink." And they said, "Oh, no, you`re an alcoholic." I said, "No, I`m not. I think I started drinking on the set of the party -- at a Christmas party or a wrap party. But to be specific as to when I became the poster boy...

BECK: Are you -- are you -- I don`t even want to go down this road.

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And you`re going on about World War III, and it`s the end of the world. And my daughter flips up: "Oh my God, we are all going to die." And I said, "No, honey, this guy is not a journalist. BONADUCE: "Glenn Beck is just a lot like daddy." BECK: Right. We used to watch "Spongebob" together, and one night, I was watching "The Glenn Beck Show", as I almost always do, and she walks in and she`s 5 years old. Return to Transcripts main page GLENN BECK Danny Bonaduce Discusses His Life, Career Aired November 10, 2006 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. would have a line of women outside his dressing room, and apparently he had reached his serviceable limit, and this poor young -- although probably 23 years old -- was walking away, dejected.

And I like to say that I gave that woman the best 30 seconds of her life. BONADUCE: But I want you to know she probably told a whole lot of people that. I`m on "The Glenn Beck Show", and life is a long ride. So that was a bit odd, but falling apart, I don`t know. I will tell you this, that this is how crazy things got. And sometimes, I`d get up in the morning and I`d walk around to the front of the theater, where I would pose for pictures and sign autographs for hours at a time and be the high point of peoples` trip to L. And they have no idea I was about to crawl back to my dumpster after they were done with me. I lived in my car, but I lived right next to this dumpster by Grauman`s Chinese Theater. I`ve been doing a lot of stand-up comedy and lectures all over the country, and I`ve come to the conclusion that there are -- everyone time I say, "And that`s when I knew I had to quit drinking," it`s true enough, but there were thousands of them. I do not have one major quadrant of my body that doesn`t have steel plates in it.