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The beds were made and bedrooms tidied even before leaving for school, so now it was on to bathrooms, kitchen, living room, laundry, and floors.

Most cleaning was done with simple cleaning products such as baking soda, vinegar, ammonia, lemon, castile soap, and borax.

Dedicating the time to cleaning didn’t hurt my schedule. I spend far less time searching for lost items, feeling frantic, and feeling overwhelmed. 25 ways to save money 50s cleaning routine 1950s diet admiration bored housewife boys budgeting Characteristics of men Cleaning Cleaning checklist Fascinating Womanhood fatherhood femininity frugal living gender roles going gray going grey gray hair transition Happy marriage hope Husband-lead Household life life lessons live on one paycheck lonely housewife love male-dominated household Men monotonous housework Old-fashioned Parenting Perfect love recipe saving my marriage single-income family Spring Cleaning Checklist Stay-at-Home Mom Stay-at-home moms Submissive wife Surrendered wife the hardest job The perfect woman true love Unhappy marriage Unhappy marriage.

In fact, I feel so organized that I was able to finally start this blog, something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

This 1955 washer/dryer commercial shows that by the mid 1950s doing the laundry was significantly easier than in the days when it took an entire day to wash by hand, so the habit of washing and drying at least one load of laundry per day was born.

Cleaning the kitchen was also done daily, with a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator at least weekly, and a wipe down of all cupboards–inside and out–at least every few weeks.

Get a handy daily checklist for cleaning right on our Facebook page. A Real 1950’s Daily Cleaning Routine In the 1950s, it was common for the wife to keep her house exceedingly tidy and well-managed.

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She might have mending and sewing or gardening and canning to do. Later in the afternoon she’d need to walk back to the school for a second (or third! Then she had to come home and begin to plan and start dinner.