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This large film instant camera is well suited to photography at parties and other gatherings, as everybody's facial expressions are clearly shown.; The accompanying close-up lens expands the range of photo shooting.30pcs of wide format film included in the package and also available to buy separately; Easy to use functions such as automatic flash, exposure compensation and backlighting.; Improved ease of use of the camera includes a tripod socket, focal zoom dial and user friendly interface.; Our Bundle also include everything you need to start using your camera: Fuji wide film and spare Panasonic quality batteries.

To view actual photos of camera google cut/paste link below look for REF NEW 545-- ----------- https://

Most instant cameras produce photos the size of a business card.

This means you can make unique collages or photo hangings without having to crop your photos.the chat through your chat room embed code or link, and they upgrade their member account, all the credits paid for the upgrade will be given to your account.You will see the entry on your chat credit history as "Revenue Share The chat app provides an excellent use of screen area for the many functionalities.You may choose to view in portrait or landscape mode.Each choice of view option allows for a different screen configuration.With an instant camera, you cannot choose which photos you print; the camera automatically prints any photo you take.