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You may also find this dish served with the addition of an onsen egg (half-boiled egg), truffle oil or shaved truffles. Before you visit anywhere on this list, it’s advisable to call in advance to check whether gyudon is being served as availability differs and changes from time to time.

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This bowl contains Truffle Hon Shimeiji Mushroom and Tare Marinated Skirt Steak, the price of it is easily wins the favour of most diners.

The truffle ratio was pretty mild, however the limelight goes to the Tare Marinated Skirt Steak for the exceptional flavour and a slight sweet-tasting finish.

I'm in the planning stage, and I may or may not ever post it.

Hundreds of followers of the Shinto religion braved near-freezing temperatures to take part in the annual cold water endurance festival in Tokyo, Japan.

Again, we can assume that this happened off screen.

However, I still have the part where Oikawa muses about her mysteriousness and resolves to do some searching about her online.

Who says you can't inadvertently become an honorary member of your kindergarten bully's family while trying to get petty revenge on the same kindergarten bully? I'm afraid I can't point the spotlight at everyone, especially when the character is a shadow type of person. I'm hoping to make another OC fic, this time about Nekoma.

Cover art (Naachan) belongs to the respective artist. He would have come across a court case about the Park family, with Yoko taking custody of Leiko from their abusive father. So, uh, yeah, do whatever you want with this knowledge, I don't care. He was the quiet background character who never really got a chance to shine. It's been quite the ride, and I hope you enjoyed it, even when I lost my shit and deleted an entire arc.

Beef rice bowl, also known as gyudon 牛丼 in Japanese, is commonly a dish of sliced beef on a bowl of rice finished with a light sauce on top.

Most places serve the dish using Wagyu, deemed a more premium kind of beef that is loved for it’s great marbling and taste.

The Burning Oak: 348 Bedok Road, #02-16, Singapore, 469560 | Tel: 9873 6093| (.80)Tanuki Raw’s rice bowls have always been my favourite and I’m particularly biased to their beef bowl.