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Maganda ang katawan ni Alvin, Maputi ito at malaking bulas pa. May sarili itong banyo dahil nga sa dulo na ito ng pasilyo at walang katapat na iba pang kwarto. Ang una, yung pinakamalapit sa hagdan ay inuupahan ng bagitong mag-asawa.Pero hindi niya rin maalis ang galit nito kay Alvin dahil sa kanyang nararanasang takot at pagkagulo ng isipan sa nangyayari kina Alexa at Ryan... Kakakasal lamang ng mga ito nung isang taon at ngayon nga'y nagiintay ng magiging anak na 3 buwan ng ipinagbubuntis ng babae.Mas lalo pang nagulat si CARLA dahil sa naging mapanukso na plano ni ALVIN, hindi lang siya ang nais nitong makaranas ng kakaibang sarap kundi pati na rin ang kanyang mga kaibigan na sina Chris at Lance, na kasalukuyang nasa pangangalaga ni Jenny.

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By “cheating” I mean that using porn is breaking a vow—either implicitly or explicitly—made to one’s spouse. Both in this case and in the previous case I am seeking the services of a prostituted woman for sexual pleasure—seeking out and enjoying the body of a woman who is not my wife in order to be sexually gratified. The pretense of no physical contact doesn’t matter because the action still violates the spirit of the sexual exclusivity. Let’s say I reach out to this prostitute and pay her to view her recorded videos which she gladly sells me. Does the change in title and the veneer of professionalism change the nature of the act? Step 6: Now let’s say that this entire enterprise is industrialized so that this woman is part of a large network of other prostitutes who are doing the same thing.

This is because marriage is, in part, about sexual exclusivity; it is about “forsaking all others.” Take some steps with me down a morally slippery slope. Step 2: However, let’s say that when I met with the prostitute : I just watched her have sex with someone else while I masturbated in the same room. Could a man rightly say, “Yes, I pleasured myself in front of a hooker, but we didn’t touch each other. Step 3: However, let’s say I didn’t visit the prostitute in person but only interacted with her through erotic video chat. Step 5: Now let’s say the prostitute has a business card with a fancy title on it: “Pornographic Actress.” She even has a website with a resume listing of all the films she’s been in. Much like walking into a brothel, I can pick the woman I want when I want, pay my fee, and enjoy her body for my lustful purposes. What about the industrialized nature of the product changes the nature of the act? And on this last step we have arrived at what the modern porn industry is. It is engagement with a digital prostitute despite one’s vow to forsake all others.

Still, I get a lot of questions from women who are feeling the heartbreaking impact of porn on their marriages. It’s hard not to walk about in public places or go online without seeing something that is at least meant to titillate the eyes of men.

When I say “using” I mean intentionally taking porn in through one’s senses with the intention of being turned on and then, most likely, masturbating or at least getting sexually aroused.

Behind the making of pornography are real people really selling themselves for the sexual gratification of viewers.

The medium doesn’t change the fact that a prostituted woman was used for her body and sex appeal, no matter the viewer’s understanding of the act.After all, motive and intention count for something when it comes to the promises or vows we make.If I sign a contract saying I will not share proprietary information from my employer, but then forward a work e-mail along to a friend, not knowing it counts as “proprietary,” I’m not guilty of breaking my promise (even if my employer has grounds to fire me).At sa dulo ng hallway ay ang pintuang patungo sa isang malawak na terasa, katabi ng kwarto ng kambal. Open area iyon at naisip ng mag-asawa na gawing lugar labahan at sampayan iyon tutal nakabilad naman ito sa araw. Someone who uses porn might think along the same lines: “I’m just watching video clips made by actors and actresses, not intentionally seeking digital interactions with a prostitute.” I agree, but motives only carry of the weight when it comes to our moral decisions.