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Only Alison — who for years tried desperately to leave her life in Rosewood behind her — has stayed put, teaching at Rosewood High School and nursing her relationship with her newfound sister Charlotte, the supposedly reformed 'A' who is now under top-notch medical care.

Convinced that Charlotte is healed, the season kicks off with Ali asking her friends to return to Rosewood for a hearing that could release Charlotte from medical supervision.

Spencer graduated from Georgetown University and is pursing an ambitious political career while rocking a very controversial set of bangs.

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Alison and Charlotte have also done a lot of bonding throughout the five year time-jump, which leads to Alison asking the four girls to come back and testify that they no longer feel threatened by Charlotte."The girls don't want to do it, but they feel an allegiance to their friend, to each other," Bellisario said.Ezra Arguably the most damaged of the entire group?Forced to return to Rosewood, Harding said Ezra is "completely rudderless" and has "no sense of who he is and what he's supposed to be doing with his life." This leads Ezra to "fall down a really deep well into a sea of alcohol."King added, "He's broken."?!)Spencer is now living in the barn from the pilot, the one she originally redecorated before Melissa took it over.We have collected some awesome transform pictures from ugly to beautiful, which we think you will like and share it as well.#Bollywood Actress Ugly To Beautiful #Bollywood Actress Without Makeup #Deepika Padukone #Aishwarya Rai #Priyanka Chopra #Katrina Kaif #Anushka Sharma #Kareena Kapoor #Sridevi #Vidya Balan #Bipasha Basu #Bollywood Updates #Bollywood News Numenta Explained How does Numenta's hierarchical temporal memory system work?

I'm going to go over it's technological stack and how it differentiates from deep learning.

Anne Sullivan [Annabeth Gish]), and another, far more juicy one, in which Alison and Mona have a not-so-sweet reunion after Mona (who we learn went to Duke and majored in political science) makes a surprise appearance at Rosewood High. "It's no longer about 'I'm going to expose some secret that you have,' it's paranoia, it's blackmail, it's a life-threatening situation," Bellisario teased, adding that they know it's not Charlotte behind the creepy messages this time.

We soon learn she tried to sneak in and get close to Charlotte. She's nervous about the secrets and info Charlotte has on each of the girls, and if she will reveal it once she's released.

season 6B returns in January, the show will jump five years into a future that looks different than the one fans knew and loved — Hanna is traveling the world for her fashion career, engaged to a guy who isn't Caleb.

Emily is bartending in California after dropping out of Pepperdine University, coping with the devastation of her father's death in the army.

"[Aria, Spencer and Hanna] create secrets in our episode back, but Emily come back with a secret, the biggest baggage," Marlene King said.