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In some cases, symptoms can be improved with medication but other people require injections of Botox into the valve between their stomach and small intestine.If all of these options fail, a patient can have a new procedure which involves fitting a pacemaker device to encourage the stomach to process food.

If none of these options succeed in making the stomach process food, the patient will have to be fed through a tube.

For two years he ate only bread and crackers and considered pasta adventurous.

But he was fortunate to have his symptoms controlled due to a pacemaker device that was inserted in his stomach which sends an electric shock to nerves and helps the stomach process food.

Others manage the condition by changing their diet and eating six small meals a day or by sticking to soft, easily digestible foods.

He then set out to start a movement to raise money for a cure and bring awareness to the disease that affects nearly 1.5million Americans.'The challenge in general is for people to understand what gastroparesis is because it's an invisible condition - you present fine on the outside but live with it it on the inside,' Andrew said.

The rules mirror the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:1) Record yourself smashing a cream pie in your face2) Challenge as many of your friends as you would like3) Post your video to social media4) If someone you challenged doesn't accept within 24 hours, he or she must donate a dollar to GPACT.

The constant nausea, lack of appetite and fear of vomiting made him go from 105 pounds to 70 pounds.

Andrew told Daily Mail Online: 'When you have gastroparesis, you can't socialize, you're always looking for a bathroom and always hungry but can't eat.' It wasn't until summer 2016, that Andrew stumbled upon a tweet that said a senator from Wisconsin wrote a letter to congress asking that August officially be recognized as Gastroparesis Awareness Month.

And the thrilled 39-year-old threw her arms in the air with glee after taking part in the thrilling moment.

She had dressed for the occasion, wearing a Red Sox shirt, white top, ripped jeans and training shoes. News anchor previously said her brain tumor diagnosis was a 'gift' that has given her a different perspective on life.

Before 2012, Andrew couldn't go out to eat with friends, enjoy family holidays and dinners and was always fearful of having an episode or getting sick.