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The truck also had a mid-’80s GM tilt column that looked too big for the interior and finally the gauge cluster was filled with ’80s-style Stewart-Warner gauges. The cab makeover would be in the style of a mid-’60s hot rod truck.

After the brake line issues and exhaust problems were addressed, we enjoyed driving the truck for a while but then the itch to change things just had to be scratched.Actually, after cleaning up the suspension, brakes and motor we did a complete repaint.We had them add turn signal and high beam indicators to the panel too.With the gauge problem resolved we welded up a former radio hole in the dashboard and the dashboard was complete.The clamp-on unit shares space on the column with the Moon tachometer we purchased from Honest Charley Speed Shop.

Changing from the GM tilt column to the Borgeson Economy Series column meant we would have to relocate and rewire the ignition key.

The inside windshield moldings were painted, much like Henry had planned in 1940.

But if you were building a hot rod truck in the ’60s chrome was the only way to go for inside garnish moldings, so the windshield moldings were sent off for chrome plating.

This fiberboard headliner fits well, and while we would’ve loved to do a photo how-to on the install, it was so clumsy that is was a matter of two people in a small cab pushing the panel into place, marking and doing some slight trimming and then installing the piece for the last time.

Since our truck didn’t have a rearview mirror we purchased a Model-A rearview mirror, and after removing the mirror from the bracket we put the bracket in a sheetmetal brake and bent the appropriate angle on the plate.

The art-deco detail lines add the perfect finishing touch to the doors.